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Beginner Drills for Basketball

If you are a coach or a parent looking for basketball drills then you have come to the right place. I have installed a custom search engine that helps you find all kinds of information related to the subject. So if you have a child, youth, or a group of students, you can find practice and conditioning drills for them.

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Basketball Tip
Here is a simple basketball tip that you can add to your training playbook for dribbling:

Use a tennis ball:

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Have the youth, child, student, or team dribble a basketball with one hand. At the same time have them throw a tennis ball in the air with the other hand, and catch it while still dribbling.

When they begin to get good at that have them switch hands.

To help them to advance have them throw the ball up, cross over with the basketball, and catch the ball with the other hand. This will teach them to keep their heads up when dribbling.

You can also have the children dribble with just the tennis ball. Have them dribble with their right and then their left hand. Have them run while dribbling. Do dribbling and passing drills with the tennis ball. This encourages hand-eye coordination.

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