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Easy Beginner Basketball Drills to Improve Concentration

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A Few Beginner Drills
Basketball is a wonderful sport and it is a blast to play especially for younger people. Basketball coaches are always looking for drills that they can use to help their teams or or individual players to become better.

I have 2 basketball drills that beginners will find easy and fun to do but will also help them to improve their skills.

Drill #1-Layups. Doing layups can be a key way for young players to be able to gain confidence in shooting the basketball. Because you are closer to the basket this will allow for better accuracy. And the more baskets one makes this allows for more self assurance that will spill over into a real game. Have them make some layups with the hand that is most dominant (most basketball players are right handed, but some may be left handed, so it would be a good idea to let practice with the hand they find most comfortable). If the youth are just starting out just have them shoot close up shots, and if they are small, they may have to throw the ball with both hands. If the player is bigger and is able to handle the basketball well, then have them do running layups, but make sure they bounce the ball of the backboard first. Have them set a goal of making 10 in a row. If they miss one, they must start over. By doing this, you increase their concentration levels.

Drill #2-Free throws. Shooting free throws is a critical part of playing basketball. Many middle school, high school, college and professional games have been won or lost from the free throw line. Have each player try and make 10 free throws in a row. If they miss, they must start over. Again, this will force them to concentrate and to take shooting free throws seriously.

Give both of these easy drills for beginners and soon they will be playing much better basketball. And always encourage players to find ways to get better. No one is perfect but we can all strive for perfection, even with the game of basketball.
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